Apps To Simplify Life In the Cockpit

At Cockpit Apps, we design innovative solutions for the professional pilot, saving you time, reducing your work load, and ultimately getting you back home sooner.

One Click and Your Paperwork Is Done.

iLog-LogoIn the age of glass cockpits, fly-by-wire, and satellite communications, isn't it about time the pilot has an easier way to record data required by the FAA? iLog provides you with an alternative to traditional pen and paper flight and maintenance logs. iLog uses an intuitive approach to your typical duty day, pre-populating data where appropriate and minimizing your work load.

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iFuel – Fuel Tankering App

iFuel Fuel Tankering AppTake the guesswork out of your tankering options and make decisions that could save your flight department thousands of dollars. iFuel takes into consideration fuel prices at each destination, burn rate for your specific aircraft, and landing fees . In the case of landing fees, the app even looks at how much fuel is required to waive the landing fee and factors it into the final calculation.

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