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In the age of glass cockpits, fly-by-wire, and satellite communications, isn't it about time the pilot has an easier way to record data required by the FAA? iLog provides you with an alternative to traditional pen and paper flight and maintenance logs. iLog uses an intuitive approach to your typical duty day, pre-populating data where appropriate and minimizing your work load.

NBAA Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Page:

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FAA Info Letter:

Information for Operators regarding The iPad and Other Suitable Tablet Computing Devices as Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs).

New York Times: iPads Replacing Pilots' Paper Manuals:

What is in those bulky, black flight bags that pilots carry into the cockpit? It is not a change of clothes but reams of reference material needed for the flight — about 40 pounds of it.

Link to Sporty's EFB Authorization Program

Standard Easy Approval for iPad with ForeFlight Mobile

NBAA Article On CockpitApps "Sterile iPad"

These materials support FAA authorization efforts for certificated operators (FSDO authorization) and Part 91F operators (self compliance).

NBAA Flight Plan Interview with Jeppesens Rick Ellerbrock

Apple iPad Safety Certifications

iPad features an advanced lithium polymer battery that provides up to ten hours of use.

Rapid Decompression Video and Press Release from Jeppesen

Jeppesen Completes Successful Rapid Decompression Test on iPad (3rd Generation). Successful test proves integrity of iPad (3rd generation) in the unlikely event of sudden cabin pressure loss.

iPad in the Cockpit: FAA Gives a Go for Large Airlines

NBAA Article: Apple Issues New Compliance Data for iPad EFB

ADS-B and iPads Highlights of Annual AEA Avionics Show

FAA Approves iPads for Pilots' Electronic Charts

Apple iPad 2 May Soon Replace Paper Charts in Airline Cockpits


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