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Robert Creek

Founded in 2012, Cockpit Apps offers innovative iPad solutions for the cockpit, saving pilots and aircraft operators time and money. Our goal is to enhance the overall efficiency of your operation and improve the accuracy of your data through technology. For more information, visit Website URL:

Cockpit Apps Launches New iPad App for Creating FAA Approved Flight Logs

Cockpit Apps, a company offering innovative iPad solutions for the cockpit, announces the launch of their flagship application, iLOG.

iLog provides flight crews with a simple, yet modern, alternative to traditional pen-and-paper flight logs, increasing efficiency and accuracy while reducing the pilots workload. The easy-to-configure app logically follows a crew through a typical duty day, tracking critical components such as duty and flight time, VOR checks, and RVSM altimeter settings. The app is also configured to record squawks as well as engine, airframe, and component times, meeting the FAAs requirements for both flight and maintenance logs. At the end of each day, crews can either electronically sign the documents using an iPad digital signature and email their flight logs to dispatch, or they can simply print them out.

The app has been in development for over six months and was created by pilot and industry veteran, Robert Creek, who originally developed the app for his own flight department based in Chicago, IL. Creek quickly saw the potential of the app and decided to develop a more robust version to make available commercially.

Creek, along with thousands of other professional pilots, believe the iPad is revolutionizing the aviation industry. Pilots on everything from a Gulfstream 550 all the way to a Cessna 152 are using the iPad these days, said Creek, President of Cockpit Apps, and we have just scratched the surface with respect to using the devices full capabilities, he continued. The iPad is having a tremendously positive impact on flight operations, both in terms of efficiency and saving money.

The FAA is responding to the immense popularity of the iPad as well. In June, the FAA updated Advisory Circular (AC) 120-76, which addresses the use of iPads in the cockpit. Progressive companies such as Jeppesen and Executive Jet Management (EJM) are paving the way for expanded use of the iPad in the cockpit, allowing pilots to shed their 40lb. briefcase full of charts in exchange for the sleek tablet device.


Cockpit Apps Launches New Fuel Tankering App

Cockpit Apps, maker of the popular flight log app iLOG, announces the launch of its newest product – iFUEL. iFUEL is a simple to use app allowing pilots to determine when to tanker fuel using an iPhone or iPad.

The app, available through iTunes, helps pilots take the guesswork out of tankering decisions by taking into account fuel prices at each destination, burn rate for the specific aircraft, and ramp fees. It even takes into consideration the possibility of waiving a ramp fee if a certain amount of fuel is purchased. Other calculation factors include taxi fuel burn and reserve fuel requirements. After the parameters are entered, pilots can definitively determine actual fuel costs and how much money can be saved by tankering, down to the penny. Operators can expect to save several thousand dollars a year by using the app depending on the flight profile, a savings they can record and communicate to the aircraft owner.

Robert Creek, career pilot and creator of iFUEL, developed the app to take the guesswork out of his own tankering decisions while flying for an operator in Chicago, IL. He commented, Quite simply, iFUEL saves me time and it saves my boss money. Plus, it's easy and it works well.

The app can be purchased through a link to iTunes found on the companys website at


Cockpit Apps Releases iLOG 2.0; Enhanced Capabilities for Creating Flight and Maintenance Logs

Cockpit Apps, a company offering innovative iPad solutions for the cockpit, announces the latest release of their flagship application, iLOG 2.0, incorporating several new capabilities and enhancements resulting from customer input.

Introduced last year, iLOG provides flight crews with a simple tool to create FAA-compliant flight and maintenance logs using an iPad. The app is designed to reduce a pilot's workload while increasing efficiency and accuracy by logically following a crew through a typical duty day, tracking critical components such as duty and flight time, VOR checks, and RVSM altimeter settings.

The most robust improvement made in iLOG 2.0, is an optional MEL function which alerts the crew and maintenance personnel to Category A, B, C, and D MEL items. With the MEL function turned on, iLOG 2.0 opens a page at the start of each duty day showing any outstanding MEL items, the status of each item, and when each item is due. During the course of daily operations, the app automatically generates and sends an MEL report to the flight department's maintenance team any time the aircraft's status has changed, such as when an MEL item is added, when an MEL item has been addressed and closed, and when an MEL item has expired. Items are tracked by both date and flight hours, and expiration information is included in each report.

The new version of iLOG now tracks both hours and cycles for each log and pre-populates a crew's out/off/on/in times using the industry standard of a one hour show, one hour go time, further reducing the crew's workload. Several other enhancements make iLOG 2.0 a viable tool for smaller aircraft operators as well, including a single pilot option and an RVSM On/Off option. Topping the list of improvements for iLOG 2.0 is the ease and format in which flight and maintenance logs are generated and distributed. The new version of iLOG allows users to customize the report by adding their company logo at the top of the log and pilots can simply print or email the logs to the appropriate individuals in both PDF and html formats, making iLOG fully FAA-compliant.

Founder of Cockpit Apps and industry veteran, Robert Creek, continues to improve iLOG in an effort to increase efficiency, save time, and minimize cockpit distractions. "As a professional pilot myself, I wanted to create a simple tool that allows me to focus on flying yet fulfills my paperwork requirement without being overly complicated," said Creek. "iLOG 2.0 is designed to be a simple and elegant tool for the cockpit without being a distraction."

Creek is making a presentation at NBAA's upcoming Business Aviation Regional Forum in Waukegan, IL, entitled, "A Pilot's Guide to Using iPads in the Cockpit". The session focuses on the growing use of iPads in the cockpit, how to gain FAA approval for iPad use, and how to develop policies and procedures for the safe use of these devices in business aircraft cockpits.

iLOG 2.0 is now available through iTunes for the iPad only. Current iLOG users can visit iTunes to upgrade their app for free. For more information on iLog 2.0 and to download the app on iTunes, visit

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